We've all been in the Deny-Indulge-Deny-Indulge cycle before, so we know just how extremely unhealthy it is to partake in. Whether it's eating, alcohol, gambling, shopping, or sex, it's possible to change the vicious cycle of binging.

The first thing you have to do is make a commitment to stop all your binging habits. Binging is an endless cycle of self-pity. You must make (and keep!) a promise to yourself to stop indulging in whatever it is you are giving into.

The second thing to do is eliminate all your passive language. Stop using the word "Can't" all together. "Can't" is a powerless word, it makes you believe something is not under your control. You need the strength and courage to take control of your life, and helplessness has no place there. Just remember: Can't means Won't!

Thirdly, be honest with yourself. Honesty is the key to free yourself of binging. When you say to yourself "I can't stop eating." remember to rewrite your thoughts to "I won't stop eating." Then you're being honest with yourself. You're telling yourself that you have the power to stop overeating, you just choose not to.

The next time you see a girl you want to meet, and you think "I can't talk to her," remember you're really thinking "I won't talk to her!" You're the one hindering yourself, and should you choose, you can reverse that decision. You are in control!

Finally, manage your painful feelings. Learn to embrace the good feelings you might be uncomfortable with and let those familiar, bad feelings fall by the wayside. Always remember that if you do fall off the wagon of your commitment, that is not the time to criticize yourself or feel helpless. You need to understand how it happened. You need to have the strength to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and climb back in the saddle again.

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Body Language

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