A good attitude goes a long way in meeting people and getting them to like you. Remember that positive emotions attract people, and negative ones scare them away. The best thing you can do for your social life is to project a fun, friendly attitude.

Greet people. Shake their hand, say hi, ask them their name, etc. People like to be greeted and welcomed, no matter where they are, because it signals that there's acceptance and support available to them.

Don't be afraid to smile and laugh. These two simple things go a long way into raising the energy level of an interaction. Plus, it's contagious. If you smile and laugh, others will usually do the same thing. And if they're smiling and laughing, they're having a good time! And everyone loves a good time.

Look people in the eye when you talk to them. Don't look around, scanning the room. We all like to have attention paid to us, so make the person you're talking to feel like you think they're important and worth your time.

Avoid being rude or bitter, not just with the person you're talking to, but to others around you. These are negative emotions that drag energy down, no matter where they're directed. Always be nice and polite to others.

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