Advice Opener

One of the best ways to get people interested in you is to present yourself as some type of authority figure.

If you can speak confidently enough about something, while also giving people some much appreciated guidance, you can engage anybody in a conversation.

The best way to present yourself as an authority in someone else's world is to give people advice.

The Advice Opener is a way to engage someone by doing this, so you not only present yourself as an authority figure, but you also hook them into a conversation.

By nature, the Advice Opener falls under the category of "unsolicited advice." Often times, this type of advice can come off as annoying, since people neither asked nor wanted any advice from you in the first place.

So to counteract this, you have to give VALUABLE advice to someone in order to get them engaged.

So how do you make your advice valuable? Well, firstly, you want to make it PRACTICAL.

Urging someone to walk out into the middle of a freeway is quite impractical advice, because you're advising them to put themselves in a bad situation. When we say practical advice, we are talking about advice that can give it's recipient a logical benefit, and is something they are actually physically capable of following.

The second way to make your advice valuable is to make it positive and supporting of your target's choice.

This is important, because when you support your target's choice, you are not only telling them what they want to hear (and therefore will be accepted more readily), but you are also suggesting a commonality between you and your target.

And when you make the advice positive, you are presenting an attractive option that you're target may follow. And if they accept your advice, you have established yourself as an authority.

On a quick note, Advice Openers are also somewhat context dependant. If it doesn't look like your target is in a situation where she needs advice, it might be preferable to Open with another type of Opener.

So with this in mind, let's get to the structure of a solid Advice Opener.

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