Stories are all about action. Now, I don't mean that your characters have to run around shooting at people as things blow up. What I mean is, your characters actually have to DO something in your story to make it worth listening to.

Usually action can be broken up into these categories:

• Your Main Character wants something and actively goes after it

• Your Main Character learns a valuable lesson

• Your Main Character has a funny or unique experience

Every story you hear a person tell is a variation on one of these three pieces of action. When you come up with your own stories, make sure at least one of these actions is present to keep things interesting.

These actions can be expressed numerous ways. For instance:

1. You want a pet so you go to the pet store

2. You didn't think it was possible to fall in love until you met this one girl.

3. You went skydiving last weekend

4. A friend of yours had cancer and you were by his side at his deathbed

5. You had the best steak of your life at a restaurant in the most unlikely place

It doesn't matter what it is, as long as your main character did or experienced something that is worth listening to, or you have a point to make by telling the story.

Always know what you are trying to communicate with your story, and that will help you determine how the action is drives the story forward.

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