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These are the five most common confidence-threatening, fiction-based myths people perpetuate. These five simple myths are designed to make your life difficult and make you miserable and certain to fall short of your potential for happiness.

Like being "Stupid," for instance. Have you ever pointed at yourself in the mirror critically, thinking to yourself: "You make mistakes. You are stupid. You ought to feel ashamed of yourself!"

I was out with a guy not long ago who, after striking out with a woman, would come back to my table and repeat over-and-over "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Chastising himself for doing something dumb because the girl he talked to didn't automatically want to sleep with him. In his mind, he did something wrong, something STUPID, and he had to punish himself for doing such a dumb thing like TALKING TO A GIRL.

As you can imagine, this poor guy hates talking to women.

A personal favorite myth of mine is the Fat myth - probably because that's one of the big myths that I buy into.

When I look into the mirror, my eyes instantly go to my gut, and my mind is forever poking at my fat, real or imagined. I know other men are the same way, especially when we see and compare ourselves to models and athletes on TV with the six-pack abs and 3% body fat. When you are stuck in an overweight mind and/or body you cannot escape from, you start to feel sorry for yourself and ashamed because you think you are inferior to others who are thin and muscular.

After all, how can you expect to compete with those guys?

The Myth of being Old will tell you only what you cannot do. It defines your limitations and lost opportunities. Old men look at beautiful young woman and think to themselves "It's too late. I've have missed out. I blew it. She will never go for a guy as old as me. I can't keep up."

Old men feel they will never fulfill their potential, because they have lost their youth. They use this as an excuse to keep from trying. They don't want to go to a bar or a club, they don't want to stay out late, they don't think they know anything about the dating scene. They see their age as a cage from which they cannot escape. They just can't do everything they want to do.

After all, you're not as young as you used to be.

The Ugly Myth reminds you that you are forever handicapped. You are just another victim of other people's perceived criticism, and you act and feel like an outsider. You ostracize yourself, never bothering to pursue a pretty girl because you don't believe anyone could ever find you attractive, and if they do, there must be something wrong with them (because who could be attracted to one so ugly? They must be lying!!!). You're jealous of those you see as more attractive, and you are always angry and feel sorry for yourself because you are constantly comparing yourself to them. You see them as being blessed while you're cursed, and you resent them for their good fortune.

You believe how you look is completely out of your control, and you feel helpless against those who are deemed better looking than you.

After all, the beautiful people get everything they want.

Finally, the Loser Myth is about how you see your past and how you see your future. "Once a loser, always a loser," is your motto. You've failed so many times in your life, you MUST be a loser! If you weren't, you would have won more often! You would have gone on more dates, had more sex, been in relationships with more beautiful women. You wouldn't be afraid of rejection. But instead, you don't trust success. To you, it's just "good luck" if something good happens to you. It has absolutely nothing to do with who you are, what you believe, or how you act. Your fate is NOT in your hands, and you are ultimately destined to fail.

After all, no matter what, bad times lie ahead.

So which myths do you believe in? I'm accustomed to calling myself a stupid, fat, ugly loser. Is it any wonder I struggle with the ladies? Is it any wonder any of us do? With beliefs like this, we've lost before we've even tried to succeed. We've taken ourselves out of the game, and won't allow ourselves to re-enter it.

But wait, it gets worse. See, these five myths represent THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about yourself. We haven't even touched on the other aspect of it - your ACTIONS -and INACTIONS - that serve to back up these myths and make them seem real to you.

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