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The creator of the ebook sexual attraction will guide you through the process of learning how to attract any girl you want and make her feel very sexually aroused towards you. Through the ebook, you will also understand how any girl is wired in a way that she will seek some characteristics that are very easy to get. These characteristics as you will learn are not being rich and good looking. But the ebook will show you the secret techniques for making a girl feel very attracted to you instantly. This product will work for you even if you have had a very bad experience with women, it will teach you what you were doing wrong, and what the guys who make girls attracted are doing right. You will also understand the way to make a girl fall in love you deeply even if this is just your first relationship. You will make any girl hooked on you and she will never be able to feel anything for any guy. That is because you will be doing the right things with a strategy in mind that sexual attraction ebook will teach. You only need to go through your purchase procedure and get the book instantly. It doesn't take a genius to get the file, you're only a few clicks away from attracting any girl you want instantly.

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

Herbs, Oils, and Other Aphrodisiacs

This eBook guide teaches you everything that you need to know about how to use natural oils and remedies to turn your partner on in a way that you never thought was possible. Natural remedies and herbs give you access to a world of pleasure that you never know was possible, and this eBook goes through almost every type, giving you the ability to use each one of them to the most powerful effect. You will learn the best herbs and oils to choose, how to choose the right plant for you and your partner. You will also learn the tips and tricks to use herbs safely, without endangering anyone in your ever-expanding search for pleasure. All it takes is the eBook guide, and you can use the best sort of love-making supplements every created: the all-natural kind!

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Only Succeeded In Scaring Them

Therefore, it's usually extremely important to first use the techniques I'll show you that create states of intense emotional connection, as if she's known you her whole life, before moving on to the sexual arousal stuff. When you create that kind of connection (you can do it in about 7 minutes using what I'll show you), you often don't even have to do the sexual stuff, since for most women that kind of connection is what sex is all about anyway. (Guys are different sometimes I think we just

Verbal and actually gulp say something Step 6 Get a Life Line

First thing you should know about your opening words, forget the stupidfuckin' pick-up lines They suck, women think they're dumb and don't even hear them through the fog of their own nervousness anyway. Yes, you heard that right, she's nervous too. I don't care how foxy she is she could be right off the pages of Playboy for all I care and you might be nothing more than a skinny little geek, but when a man moves on a woman her instincts take over and force her into a state of arousal whether she likes it or not. It triggers a cascade of subconscious thought processes that run just like a software program. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not talking about sexual arousal (that happens later) I mean having her man-woman-mating instincts getting all perked up despite herself.

Kolanut In The Vagina

Lobelia Herb Magic

Kola nut was an ingredient in Coca-Cola after cocaine became illegal. Today, even kola nut is not used in this great American drink. It is, however, still consumed as a drink in Jamaica and Brazil, its primary attribute being a sexual stimulant similar to cocaine. Kola nut is classified as a nerve stimulant and true aphrodisiac. It can also be used to curb the

The phase of physical contact

Women have been made to feel guilty about their sexual desire for centuries. Every woman wants sex at least as much as a man. For many women, however, it is very difficult to get over the sense of guilt connected with their sexuality. On the other hand woman's liberation brought about a meaningful change in the attitude of women toward their sexuality. I never ask forgiveness for being a man and of having a man's sexual desire. For example, in my life I brought to bed many women by simply telling them - within 5 minutes of our meeting - when we were still in the phase of the small talk

The alpha male and the alpha attitude

In words, actions and omissions i speak, move and behave in such a way that i never ask for forgiveness about my personality and my sexual desire as a male. i am an impudent individual. - He never asks for forgiveness for his sexual desire as a male. This is very important. Only by keeping this attitude with women will your success as a seducer go up and go up fast. Even only small changes in the direction of the frame I don't ask for forgiveness for my sexual desire will bring you more good looking women than you could even imagine.

The Taboos of Seduction

Its funny how, when all the cards are down, our sex drive is very much animalistic - mainly because we are a type of animal. I was watching something on Animal Planet today about the mating rituals of animals, and it struck me as odd how animals are so different from humans when it comes to sex. As we all learned in the first grade (or when we got our first dog or cat), the female animal goes into heat at certain times of the year, and that draws the male of the species to them for some hot, stinky, animal lovin'. At this time, the males are no longer concerned with hunting or anything like that, all they are after is pussy. And then, once the female falls out of heat, everything goes back to normal and the male can care less if he's getting his rocks off. But the interesting thing is that during that time period of heat induced sex, the animals become rather moody and violent, mating in ways that can actually be quite dangerous.

The subservient frame and the PNP mechanism

To become an expert seducer you need to learn how to put yourself in a non-subservient position toward a woman. A man who is not in a subservient position is an irresistible aphrodisiac for a woman. I will explain in this book how you can reach this result. almost hear the accusations of feminists. Modern woman expresses her sexual desire We are not nuns anymore It is true modern woman has learned - thank God - to accept her sexual desire. c. Your sexual desire. The stronger your sexual desire is, the more difficult you will find it to fight against the subservient mental state. On the contrary, you need to be conscious about the fact that the more you are sexually active, the more you will need to be careful not to fall into the trap of her PNP. To maintain a woman's excitation and sexual desire on a constantly high level, you need to never give the woman the sureness of being exclusively her man

The important meaning of qualification

When you give a woman the possibility of defining the context of the relationship, you kill her sexual desire towards you. This happens in those marriages in which a woman with a very strong sexual instinct is not able to feel sexual desire for a man who lets her decide the context of the relationship. This kind of reaction makes her understand that you don't let her direct you, and this raises her sexual desire sky-high.

The cognitive distortion of the only option

This increases your woman's sexual desire and at the same time it paves the way to new conquests in case your woman wakes up one morning making a wry face and suddenly deciding not to give you good things anymore and assuming that you must continue to give her good things because you are her husband, fianc or whatever you are.

Reading the signs of a committed woman

Women that are taken are different from women that are single in that they are either LESS PICKY or MORE HORNY. Single women are either looking for more than just dick (MORE PICKY) or they have less of a sex-drive so they don't REQUIRE a man in their lives unless he's just what they want. A chick that is taken gives herself to her boyfriend so he can fuck her. Now the pressure is on the guy to perform. Unless the guy is still HOT for the chick, the sex is routine or most importantly ORGASMLESS for the woman. When she meets you, she feels that DESIRE to be with a man. She feels YOUR DESIRE to please her and take your pleasure from her. It is that ROMANTIC kind of interaction that she doesn't get from her boyfriend coming home, turning on the TV, watching sports, feeling her up for a second (lack of foreplay is a MAJOR turnoff) and fucking her until HE cums and falling asleep. As long as she feels like she can get away with it and still have her hum-drum relationship intact, she will...

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality

Always take the opportunity to link yourself to her fantasies. Also take the opportunity to link yourself to her favorite things. One woman I was dating told me that she loves being under the stars while overlooking a lake from the top of a hill. The following weekend, on a starry night, I grabbed a blanket and took her to the top of a hill overlooking a lake. We enjoyed the view. Then I fired off the usual anchors, coaxed her on some, and then we proceeded to anchor our lovemaking to her ideal place. This also combined the excitement of public sex, which has an element of fear of getting caught. Sexual arousal can be intensified by including adrenaline from other states of heightened arousal, like fear or excitement.

David Shades Manual Anticipation and Vulnerability

Just as surely as anxiety, guilt, or anger can disrupt sexual enjoyment, they can also enhance it. These feelings are the unexpected aphrodisiacs. Since guilt inhibits sexual arousal, its diminution produces excitement. The unconscious logic is a kind of perversion of the Golden Rule Have others do unto you what you feel guilty about doing unto others.

Putting it All Together

Let your sexual energy control you for a change instead of vice versa. We talked about this already. One of the not-so-obvious reasons that your fear has such a vise-like hold of you has a lot to do with the fact that one of the most powerful emotional counterweights that could actually challenge it once in a while has been tamed and domesticated. Of course I'm talking about your sex drive. Most women probably think that men who don't see a lot of action must be on the edge of madness from all their pent up sexual frustration, but in fact just the opposite is usually true. The never-get-laid guys spend so much of their free time dreaming up creative new ways to self-gratify themselves, they're walking around in a perpetually depleted state from all their palm partying As a result they have very little sex drive.

Rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her forever When it is better to give up and look for something

The other 10 are man haters, psychologically disturbed women and it is better to let them go after having clearly told them to get lost. A normal woman with a very strong sexual desire can use the lack of respect as a test, but she stops when she realizes that the man is dealing with it in the proper way calling her on it.

David Shades Manual Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This is not what my soul desires to do. I have no problems getting attractive women to have sex with me. But I have not yet mastered the ability to create a magical realization inside of a woman before sex to the point where she's felt like she's met the RAKE she desires and I feel like I still am not fulfilling my each and every desire with high self esteem high sex drive women, as well as bisexual women and threesome experiences. I desire to be the man from their dreams and at times I truly believe that I am this man. It just seems hard to convey that without seeming like some type of sex freak.

The Art Of Confidence

Magical predictions about failure confirm the way you are used to feeling about yourself. When men generate so much shame about anticipated failure and supposed subsequent rejection, their sexual arousal quickly fades. They stop having fun. They set a down-tone for any interaction they have. They think they will fail, and will be rejected by the woman they so desperately want to impress.

Victim type

About her This type of woman wants to hold on to her youth. She is older and has a high sex drive. She may not have done all the things that she wanted to do when she was young so is now trying to recapture her desirability. She may have been attractive and had guys all over her when she was younger but now that she has gotten older, she craves the attention that she once had.

Cocky and funny

Women love this kind of approach because they have been made to feel guilty for their sexual desire for centuries. For them is much easier to make love with me if they are in love with an irresistible spy than because they have a tremendous need to have a great fuck with me as many men would express the whole situation.

The Elroy Pattern

Hypnosis can be used to vividly relive the excitement of prior experiences of sexual desire, and amplify them. This happens a lot naturally, and hypnosis is just a way for you to do this deliberately. Sex is so much better when you are 'in the mood', and the stronger that mood becomes, the more pleasure you feel. When you can take your levels of desire and make them grow stronger, more real, you will find yourself experiencing even more pleasure than before.

Tests never end

If you react properly to her tests, your reaction will spark off admiration in her and an increase in her sexual desire. Therefore, if uncertain, you always gain when behaving as if it was a test. Manipulation, lack of respect, inducing feelings of guilt How to recognise them and how to react in the appropriate manner in order to increase the female's sexual desire In order to increase the sexual desire of a woman for you, you have therefore train yourself to This puts out her sexual desire with the speed of light.