Michael Beam contributed the following bit for those of you who don't have any taste. Mike (as he doesn't like to be called) has had to wear a retainer for the last ten years or so. On the front of the retainer, there is one tooth. When the retainer is in place,this appears to be the tooth immediately to the side of one of his two front teeth.Unless you have your dental probe with you, you can't tell the difference between this and a regular tooth. Those of you who may have a similar set up might like to try this the next time your friends are eating. Reach up with your hand to apparently remove the tooth. As soon as your fingers cover the tooth, the tongue pulls the retainer back into your mouth. Pretend to pull the tooth out and smile at the audience. They will see one tooth missing and will assume that you have it in your hands. You can then vanish it by your favorite method. There are several potential patter ideas, including changing it into a quarter as you talk about how you used to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy. You could follow this with a vanish of the quarter (french drop) saying that if you

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