This is an item which can be done close-up, on stage, preset, or impromptu. It's based on Bev Bergeron's handling of Milbourne Christopher's Traffic Sign. In effect, the magician shews a plaque with the word "up" on one side and "down" on the other. To confusing and amusing patter, the words jump in all directions.

TO MAKE. This can be made up in advance fcy your printer/artist or can be done while your audience looks on. However, for the sake of example, we'll say it's made up in advance.

Start with the plaque on the table in front of you. This can be a square piece of white poster board. Take a magic marker and write the word "up" on the plaque. Now turn the plaque over ty pivoting it diagonally on its lewer right and upper left corners. New write the word "down" on this side. If you turn it now so that you're looking at the "up" side and if you had x-ray vision, the end result is shown in figure one.

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