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rastc MOVE. Hold the card (as in figure 2) around waist (also knewn as "waste") level with the "up" side showing to the audience. The "up" side is right side up. The right hand new pivots the card by turning the wrist counterclockwise. At the end of the turn, "B" and "C" will have switched places while "D" and" A" will remain in che same positions. See figures two and three. Repeat this turn several times at a brisk pace. To the onlookers it will appear that you are merely turning the card over. Hcwever, this turn allcws you to show both words right side up. Whereas, if they were to know the truth, cne word is right side up and the other is sideways.

THE REVERSE MOVE. Now you're going to try the same move with your left hand doing the turning instead of your right. Start with the "up" side toward the audience. Now make the move, rotating your left wrist in a clockwise direction. The "A" and "D"

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