Steve Beam

This is something for which you'll find a lot of uses. It will be especially helpful in spicing up mental predictions with humor. Specifically, you can use it in conjunction with "MATH" in this issue or "REWARD" which will be in an upcoming issue.

Next time you display a prediction at the beginning of a trick and then place it out of the way until later, try this. Place the envelope somewhere in full view of the audience. "Just to be sure that it's safe, we'll put it under lock and key." At this, reach into your pocket and produce a padlock with the key hanging from the shank. Place this on the envelope without saying anything. Then proceed as if you haven't done anything unusual.

Be sure that the lock you use is large enough to be recognized by all in the audience. Also, you want to make sure that the envelope can be seen at all times unless you want to use this as I have in conjunction with a switch. If so, as your left hand goes to the pocket for the lock, the right hand goes to the lap and makes the exchange.

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