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This is a totally different handling of the Downs Change which I use as part of iry Ambitious Card routine. Unlike the original, you don't need a table for this one.

Start with the ambitious card second from the top of the deck. Double lift to display it then turn it (them) face down again. Take the top card of the deck and place it in the middle of the deck. Riffle the deck (or whatever you do to make the magic happen). Now double lift again to show (to your surprise) that the Ambitious card is not on top. Place these two cards face up as one on top of the deck jogged for about half their width to the right« This position is shown in the illustration. Notice that your left thumb is stretched across the face of the Indifferent card. This is important.

Now bring your right hand palm up with its fingers pointing to the left. It is held flat and about three inches to the right of the left hand. New turn your left hand palm down at the wrist. As you do, the left thumb drags the indifferent card flush with the rest of the deck. The Ambitious Card is still jogged. The top right corner of the face down ambitious card is now clipped between the right thumb and the base of the right forefinger. Retain a left little finger break between the indifferent card and the rest of the deck. This is easy to obtain as the Ambitious card is removed.Your left hand relaxes but be careful to keep the left hand cards tilted so as not to flash the reversed card on top.

The right hand now holds the Ambitious Card face down. The audience thinks this is the indifferent card. Rotate your right hand palm down. Bring it up slightly higher and blow gently on it. This bit of delaying is important. Now use your right thumb to push the card on through the fist. It will emerqe from the pinky side of the fist.Push the card through as far as it will go. (This is the Vernon Push Through Flourish. See "The Human Printing Press" for details.) When the card emerges, it will appear that it has changed into the Ambitious card.

Now comes one of the really nice parts of this move. It resets for the next double lift. Keeping the top card of the left hand half hidden, bring this half up directly beneath the ambitious card which protrudes from the right fist. Now use the left thumb to drag the protruding card onto the face of the indifferent card. While the left hand is still tilted back toward the magician, use the left fingers and thumb to square these two face up cards together. Continue to retain the break beneath the beneath the lower of the two. When the two cards are completely square, lcwer the deck to display the Ambitious Card on top of the deck.

That is the move and the reset. You now resume the Ambitious Card routine already in the middle of a double lift. You can now go into any of your favorite ambitious moves that begin with a double lift. The combination of the Downs Change, the Vernon flourish, and the delay, along with the elimination of the table really help to create a very pretty and visual Ambitious Card move.

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