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This is another use for "The Human Eraser" concept. Since you're already familiar with the basic method, I'll concentrate on the effect. The magician says that he'll make an open prediction. That is, he will allow everyone in the audience to see the prediction except the ore involved. He removes his business card. He shows a number written on the back of the card. It is a large "18". He places this card on the table number side down. Now he removes a deck of cards in which each card has a different number written on it. I The spectator chooses a card. He is } asked to call out the chosen number. He loudly calls out the number "3". "Would you like to exchange your card for one of these other nice cards?" The magician has obviously made a mistake. After a little byplay, the magician has the spectator turn over the card. It doesn't match. The magician explains that this is his last business card and asks the spectator to erase the number so that he can try again. When the spectator finishes erasing, he will be looking at his chosen number for part of the number didn't erase. (Half of an "8" is a "3".5 The magician takes his bows.

I have explained this effect to illustrate another way of accomplishing almost the same effect without the use of rubber cement. You can use one of those "dry-erase" markers which are available at

your office supply store. These will write on any slick surface and then can immediately be erased fcy just rubbing it with your finger or a cloth.

By using a combination of an indelible marker and a dry-erase marker you can create similar effects to "The Human Eraser" effects. The only big difference is that the writing has to be done on a slick surface.

One way you might like to vary the above effect using a dry-erase marker is to eliminate the spectator doing the erasing at the end» Instead, as you drag the prediction card (in this case a blank playing card with the number written on it) off the mat, the mat wipes off the part of the number written with a dry erase marker. The effect new becomes a change from one number to another rather than an erasing-type effect. I suggest that you use a dark mat and a dark marker. Use of a white mat would change the effect to a color change instead of a prediction ... unless of course you predicted the color changing mat.As you can see, what you can accomplish with this is only limited fcy your imagination.

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