Hold the packet in the left hand in dealing position. Use the left thumb to push the top two cards over to the right as one (multiple push). Grasp the two cards with the right thumb underneath and the right fingers on top of the two cards. Turn the double card over and then place it underneath the left hand card. Square the packet.

Now grasp the packet in the palm down right hand with the right thumb underneath and the right fingers above. Turn the right hand palm up by turning the right hand clockwise at the wrist. New regrasp the packet deep in the palm down left hand thumb crotch and turn the hand palm up (thereby turning the packet over).

Take the packet from above between the ] right thumb at the near short end and right fingers at the far short end. Use the left thumb to pull the top card into the palm up left hand. Lift the right hand up to show both sides of the double card. New place the double card on top of the left hand card.

Now twist or pop the cards for effect. Grasp the packet again from above in the right hand as before. Use the left thumb to pull the top card into the left hand revealing a face up ace in the right hand. Place this double card in the right hand squarely onto the tabled cards.

FOURTH ace. Place the remaining face down card onto the tips of the left fingers. New, as you turn your hand palm down, close your left fingers. The card remains face down. Now push the card through your hand and out the other side with the left thumb (Vernon Push Through Flourish).

When the card emerges, remove it with the right hand. Now repeat this push-through a second time. For the third time, don't place the card on the fingertips. Place the card at the base of the left fingers. Turn the palm down and execute the Push-Through. This tine the card emerges face up. Place this card face up onto the tabled cards. (Note: For an alternate handling of the last card see "Carlyle's Card" in the 11-19-43 Phoenix #48).

If you want to clean up, pick up the 5 tabled cards. Execute the Ascanio Spread, hiding the face down card. Now pull out the double card and drop it onto the face down deck. Follow this with the other 3 cards one at a time. You now have 4 face up aces on top of the face down deck.

HINDSIGHT. On occasions when I've done this a second time for magicians (on a separate occasion) I palm a small eraser in my right palm throughout the routine. At the conclusion of the effect, I ask, "You know how I did it, don't you?" Wait for a grunt, then "I do it the same way the card company does it, with an eraser." At this I produce the eraser using one of the Slydini Coin moves. If you can steal a load, you can produce 6 or 8 pencil-top erasers and really have a "smash-clinax".

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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