This is the fourth and final regular issue of the first volume of The Trapdoor. This is also a special "No Levitation Issue." I think you'll agree with me that levitations have been greatly overworked by iragic magazines in recent years. I rryself had four or five scheduled for this issue. However, in the interest of advancing magic, I have decided to hold them for later publication — after the current craze dies down. That will probably be sometime next year. Speaking of next year, subscription renewals are not due yet. Remember that your next issue is the "Annual" and is sent free to all subscribers. The entire issue will be on hew to invent your own tricks.

I would like to start this month by offering an idea or suggestion to the International Brotherhood Of Magicians. Almost everyone in magic would like to have a complete directory of the magicians of the world.Obviously, the I.B.M. is the only organization around that would have the information necessary to produce such a directory.A few years ago I read in The Linking Ring (possibly in Howard Barman's column) that the I.B.M. oouldn't afford to produce and mail this undertaking along with putting out the regular monthly magazine.I understand this completely .My suggestion is that the I.B.M. produce this directory in leiu of one of the regular monthly issues every other year or so. The cost of the mailing and the production would therefore come out of The Linking Ring's budget and would not cost the members any extra money. Also, ads for the directory would sell at a premium which could produce a healthy profit for the L.R. Furthermore, there could be a box to check on the dues envelope for those that would not like to have their name included in what could possibly become a magic junk-mail list.

I also have a gripe regarding I.B.M. Everyone in magic knows and respects Sid Lorraine. But, did you know that Sid has held msnbership number 164 in the I.B.M. for over fifty years? C'mon now, guys. Isn't it about time we gave him a new number? And I don't mean 165! Let's give him a number that shows respect. Even I have a five digit number. Let's start a write-in campaign to give him at least a ten digit number. Their mailing address iss

Intl. Brotherhood of Magicians

Dept. of High-numbers

Kenton, Ohio

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