As soon as the fingers are fully extended, the second finger crosses the first finger. (This is the same action as crossing your fingers without cards.) The pad of your second finger drags the card it's holding with it. This causes the two kings to reverse their positions relative to each other and to split in opposite directions. The more you can cross your fingers, the farther they will split. The farther they split, the better the effect. It will appear that the cards are moving all around with little or no finger movement. You won't beleive the action that you get on this until you try it. The cards will end up in a large "V" position. See the illustration.

Since you are using both hands simultaneously, you will have a sudden production of four kings. All that's left is to follow the outline of the routine above. After sufficient pause, stick your head down between the kings and become the fifth king. If you wish, you can cross your arms first, and then perform the above actions. Keep them crossed when you stick your head between them.

This is the perfect way to produce four kings for a routine. In later issues, I will offer several other flourish productions which you may wish to use with this patter theme. If your name is "Jack" you can do a custom made routine using the four jacks. Or, you may want to produce four queens and let a lady spectator stand up and face the audience. Then she could stick her face between the queens. Finally, you may wish to call it the "Five Jokers" trick to start off with. If you have four jokers in the deck, you can be the fifth. (Warning: Be careful if you decide to do the trick with aces and bill it as "The Five Aces.")


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