FIRST AqE. Do an Elmsley (or Maeb-y) Count up jogging the third card, a face up ace. Pivot this card out and place it face up on the table.

SECOND ACE. Turn the packet over end for end and replace it in the left hand in dealing position. New turn the left hand palm down and execute the Vernon Push Through Flourish. In this the left thumb pushes the packet out the heel side of the left fist.

Now hold the packet in position for the Elmsley (or Maeb-y) Count. Count the first card into the right hand. New push the next two cards, as one over onto the first card. New, place the face up ace remaining in the left hand onto the other 3 face down cards. Place this ace onto the tabled ace.

STATUS REPORT? You now hold a packet in the left hand that looks like the illustration.

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