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This is not only one of iry favorite ambitious card moves, it could also be a great name for a magic book by Harry Riser. It could also be easy to do but difficult to explain but you'll find that out for yourself shortly.My basic complaint with the ambitious card plot is that you don't normally see the card rising to the top. There are notable exceptions to this including one located in Expert Card Technique, Vernon's routine, and my own "Rapid Transit." However, usually you have to be content with the audience "hearing" the card as it rises to the top (with the infamous and irritating 'riffle'). I always thought that it would make sense that if you held the deck vertically, the card should start to rise up out of the deck. After all, what is "The Ambitious Card" if it is not a repeatable, horizontal, but less visual version of the "Rising Card" plot?

In "Early Riser," the card is put into the middle of the pack in a flourishy way. The pack happens to be held vertically at the time. The card immediately starts rising from the pack until the magician stops it and pushes it back flush with the rest of the deck. "Wait until I say 'Go!'" He then turns the deck back horizontally and says, "Go."

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