The concept of reframing

The basis of this concept is in rephrasing a sentence, a feeling, a concept expressed by the woman and expressing it in a new frame which is favorable to your purposes. Observe this conversation between him and her:

She: (frame) "It's not fair to make love at this moment; we are not ready yet for a relationship." This is said maybe while wearing a stunning miniskirt and showing a mind-blowing pair of legs.

He: (reframe) "A love relationship is made of the union of physical and spiritual love. Something inside us dies with a slow and sad agony, without the completeness of a real physical and emotional union" then a hand on her knee. He is not using male logic, but enters the sphere of emotions right away (something dies inside us) and in addition he puts in a completely new frame on what she had framed in her way.

The above is just an example.

To win over her resistance about surrendering to you, you can use the technique of redefining a new frame which is positive and, of course, favorable to you.

You can reframe:

- A situation - for example, she has a boyfriend and you present the situation as if she, as a "free woman", had the right to do what she wants.

- A feeling - for example, she feels filled with anger and she tells it to you and you reframe the feeling for her by saying that "maybe she should let go a bit more instead of working so hard."

In practice you can reframe almost anything.

Remember to use the word WE when you reframe what her. "We should put something more erotic in our relationship" instead of "I would like to have sex with you right here."

A funny detail: if you hear the conversations women have among themselves and often also with men, you will notice that they are masters in the art of reframing everything to their advantage.

It may seem strange, but the same technique works on women in a very effective way.

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