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MindZoom uses three techniques to enter directly to your Subconscious Mind: By use of the Affirmation Delivering Engine, MindZoom conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind. These messages are flashed rapidly in your screen at virtually undetectable speeds, Safely And Discretely. By use of our Silent Subliminal Messaging System, text affirmations are translated to speech and delivered through a Low Frequency envelope, not heard by the human ear but reaching the brain. By use of the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer, a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and Mix them with your favorite music files save and listen to them anywhere, on your Ipod, home or car stereo, you name it! Now you can also create your own subliminal CDs and recordings! The Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer is an exciting feature included free of charge. Read more here...

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Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal is a highly configurable piece of software. Installing and using is quite easy, even for the novice users but if you find yourself in trouble, there's always the Help system that's very useful when needed. From my experience with it so far it works seamlessly, so why not give it a go.

There is also a full money-back guarantee, so it's totally risk-free.I can't think of a single reason not to buy Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal as soon as possible. Great work. Highly Recommended.

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The Problem With Affirmations In A Vacuum

Sometimes people have the tendency to overly rely on affirmations. They'll say the affirmations over and over without anything else. The problem with affirmations in a vacuum is that you won't gain the full results. Couple affirmations with the techniques presented in this book and you have a recipe for unlocking the unstoppable you. Affirmations have a place as well and they will be discussed later on in this book. An important thing about affirmations is that they do not work as a stand-alone tool. Chanting some mantra over and over again helps drill the belief into your unconscious mind, and while that is helpful and useful in some contexts that alone will not get you where you want to go.

Mirror Those Affirmations

Typically when people do affirmations they repeat them endlessly to themselves in hopes that they work. This has a degree of effectiveness yet can be made much more effective with some modifications to how the affirmations are delivered. This technique has been modified to supercharge the efficacy of the affirmations. Get in front of a mirror and stand with confident physiology and with a mental intention to project these affirmations to change your life,. The larger the mirror, the better it is so that you can see more of your self. With your shoulders back, head held high, stomach sucked in, look squarely at yourself in the eyes and say, You are completely powerful. You are unstoppably confident. You are becoming more and more confident each and every day. Nothing can stop you. You go for what you want congruently and powerfully. You reach your goals naturally and easily. Repeat these affirmations to yourself in the mirror until you can totally feel it in your body. You might get a...

Affirmations And Verbal Statements

Verbal Sunshine Graphics

The principle of the mantrams may be applied to more familiar applications and manifestations of the creative power of the mind. It has been said, Words are crystallized thoughts. And, the repetitions of certain suggestive words serves to strengthen, render positive and effective the thought or idea behind them. Thus, if you are employing creative thought in a certain direction, as for instance, in the process of visualization, you can strengthen the mental-picture by actually saying the thing that you are visualizing the verbal expression serving to crystalize the visualization. It also serves to direct pranic energy to the latter, animating it. Thus, the philosophy of Emerson, Brace yourself with affirmations. Not only in the phase of visualization may the process of Creative Mind be intensified by means of proper affirmations or verbal statements, the same method may also be applied with benefit to the phase of projection in the same process. You will find, by actual experiment and...

Beyond Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is an excellent technique and revolutionary for its time. The problem is that if Positive thinking was good for its time, and we have Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to thank for popularizing this idea. He proposed that if you think positively you will get the results you want, and this can be true in some cases. It is vital to remember that positive thinking without action is useless. All the motivation that you will get in this book will not do you any good unless you take action. It's not true motivation until you take action. If you only get hyped up and inspired without taking action to change your life, it's no different from someone who is not motivated at all. It's like the phrase, The person who does not read is no better off than the person who can't. For our purposes, we can think of the phrase as, The person who has knowledge and does not apply it is no better off than the person who is ignorant.

Affirmation In Yama

Affirmation is called mantrayama by the Yogis apply it as you have previously been instructed in connection with the practice of Yama or self-development. The general principle consists in expressing in verbal form, either mentally or vocally, the idea or thought, the picture or concept, which you have already visualized and are about to project. This serves to crystallize the thought, and gives it body and form also, according to Yoga teaching, there are certain effects produced by the vibratory influence of thought-filled words. What you have learned of the power of affirmations applies equally in the particular form of treatment known as Yama. In addition, there are two special points concerning this application of affirmation to this process, viz., (1) the choice of suggestive words, and (2) the second person method of directing the affirmation. Say them as a mantram you will find that some of these words will fairly set your soul on fire, and will awaken suggestive vibrations of...

Some Basics And Their Origins

Most of the basic communication gestures are the same all over the world. When people are happy they smile when they are sad or angry they frown or scowl. Nodding the head is almost universally used to indicate 'yes' or affirmation. It appears to be a form of head lowering and is probably an inborn gesture, as it is also used by deaf and blind people. Shaking the head from side to side to indicate 'no' or negation is also universal and may well be a gesture that is learned in infancy. When a baby has had enough milk, he turns his head from side to side to reject his mother's breast. When the young child has had enough to eat, he shakes his head from side to side to stop his parent's attempt to spoon feed him and in this way he quickly learns to use the head

The Failure To Understand This Simple Difference Between The Two Kinds Of Mental Pictures People Make Is The Single

As you do so, reach over with your right hand and squeeze your left wrist, triggering your confidence anchor. This will train your mind to automatically call up the feelings of confidence and power when you are in a situation like the one you are seeing through your own eyes. You won't even have to think about doing it, which is the advantage. (And that's why anchoring works where positive thinking won't, because often by the time you get yourself thinking positively, it's already too late.)

The Value Of Negative Motivation

People who have unstoppable confidence have it because confidence is a habit of theirs. The difference that makes the difference in our lives is the quality and kinds of habits we have in our lives. Each of us have habits and addictions. Let's empower ourselves to have positive, life affirming habits and addictions. Habits are tremendously powerful and a necessity in our lives. Without habits, we'd have to consciously do everything all the time. It simplifies life to have habits and to just do things. The problem occurs if we don't make ourselves aware of our damaging habits and change them.

Outline For Quick Review

When the spectator is holding up their invisible card and you ask them to name their number, immediately yell, WAIT Don't say anything yet I see it is a FA CE card Right If they respond affirming this, mention how easy those are -'Just like the aces - and have them try again. If they say No , then you might say, Then allow me to save MY face What was your card and go on from there. This will generally get a laugh, if played correctly_ As I have said, this is ONE possible option. Since the odds are that you WILL hit a number, you may simply wish to carry a Queen of each suit in four separate pockets - just in case. Or put all

David Greenes Koncealed Killer

MINI-SOLUTION For those of you that dislike the use of miniature cards, Kenton has a line from his (now timeless) Ultimate Diminishing Card that applies well here. In fact, it's perfect State that you think the spectator's card is a TEN or KING. Just go as high as ypu can with whatever your own set happens to be. When they say No , respond with, Oh, it's a SMALLER number a SMALLER CARD When they reply affirming this is the case, ask them what their number was in their minds. Then say, Wow, it really WAS a SMALLER card GOOD. I have one of THOSE' NOW when you remove the mini card this makes complete sense, and appears that you have set the spectator up - knowing the truth all along. It also gets a great and surprising laugh. So if you use the mini card set up without my mental force, just think smaller card and name a higher number. If you try this, you'll be really glad you gave it a shot It's as funny as it is amazing. Instead of mini cards, you might possibly use bridge size cards...

To Get The Right Answers Ask Quality Questions

When you ask yourself questions that deliberately affirm your many options and potentials, your unconscious mind will go off and search for an answer for you. Your unconscious mind is designed to simply answer questions, which is why questions such as Why do I always screw this up will only keep you stuck. Your unconscious goes and fetches reasons for you always screwing something up. The essential element is to ask affirming, directed questions. As you do this, maintain a good resonant tonality by speaking from your chest. It will help when you do this exercise in front of the mirror.

Stuart Smiley was Full of Shit

Topic Affirmations (1 of 8), Read 343 times Conf General From 7 Date Sunday, December 21, 2003 08 35 AM I have a few questions about affirmations. Someone suggested recording the affirmations to cd or cassette. Anyone noticed if listening to them has the same effect as saying them Here is something for you to test. Last night I tried a new affirmation and I got approached twice. That rarely ever happens so it must have been the affirmation. Here is the affirmation But the reason I bring this up is because I believe that AFFIRMATIONS DO NOT WORK Period. End of story. Affirmations are for insecure people who desperately want any way to validate themselves, to the point where they will start trying to brainwash themselves into believing their insecurities do not exist. This is bullshit. There is no way to get past such insecurities unless you face them honestly and work to find their root cause. Not until you do that will these insecurities go away. How do I know this...

Fourth Maya Experiment

Time Reaction Study

This test advances yet further up the scale of psychic control as you inhibit the senses. Particularly the sense of feeling may be readily shut off' by the method of visualization, projection, and affirmation. Hold the thought of numbness over the hand of the subject and affirm repeatedly to him that his hand is becoming numb, numb, numb, and that he will feel no sensation in it at all. He will be found to experience a marked degree of local anaesthesia, and even if a needle is touched to the flesh, no sensation will be experienced. The Hindu magicians frequently demonstrate this phenomena in allowing large hat pins to be passed through their flesh, and even reclining upon a bed of nails. These are popular demonstrations of the fakirs who have mastered these mind-control-over-body skills. In performing all of these initial Maya experiments, always be sure to restore the normal conditions at the close of each test, which is very simply accomplished by the thought and affirmation...

Silent Psychic Influence

In learning of Maya, you have learned of the threefold formula of Yogi psychic influence, viz., visualization, projection, and affirmation. You also know how to use it in relation to suggestion and hypnosis. This is the first state of training. When the initiate has mastered this stage, he is promoted to more advanced aspects of the subject, which is referred to as silent psychic influence. In this state of magical influencing, the formula of visualization, projection, and affirmation is applied in the same general way, but with an importanct major difference. In silent psychic influence the affirmation and the accompanying projection of the visualized thought are performed silently and inaudibly without the actual knowledge of the other person. It is this practice of Advanced Maya that the Hindu hypnotists have made a breakthrough from western methods as the hypnotic effects of suggestions are produced without the need for hypnosis indeed, sometimes without the subject's awareness....

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

You will note we have given you many options and even diverse outs . The worst case to me means I say to the spectator, I had this picture in mind as you were travelling and I get no obvious affirmation immediately. In such cases, I continue right along with, But who knows where your mind really went Even more odd, who knows where your body was. and then I ask for the shoe. The sand appears to prove that I made him travel to the beach-scene at least. It is bold, but it works.

Third Maya Experiments

(a) For causing the experiencing of a maya burning sensation, have your subject stand before you and extend his hand, palm downward. Place the first two fingers of your right hand upon the back of his hand, concentrating your gaze upon it earnestly, and at the same time visualize and project towards his hand the thought that he is feeling the sensation of burning where your fingers touch his hand. At the same time in affirmation say to him, My fingers where they touch your hand feel hot, hot, hot You can feel them burning your hand You feel it It burns you Pull your hand away Emphasize the words hot and burning, as you give these affirmation suggestions. A large percentage of receptive subjects will experience the sensation of burning heat if the thought and affirmation are made sufficiently strong and vivid. An interesting variation may be performed by giving the subject a coin to hold between his thumb and forefinger, and making it hot, hot, burning hot in the way just described....

Occidental Oriental Hypnotism

Hypnotic Oriental Eyes Mcstories

In the Orient, the Adept regard the induction of hypnosis to be greatly affected by his own mental attitude as a mind-influence over his subject. As you have learned, according to oriental belief there are three basic principles of psychic influencing Visualization, Projection, and Affirmation. In the production of deep hypnosis in subjects by this East Indian method, these principles must be kept constantly in mind, and are to be applied throughout the entire process, viz. In presenting the suggestions and or sleep formula, you, as the hypnotizer, must constantly visualize the expected results of the suggestions you present as occurring. This means that you must form and hold firmly in your mind the mental-picture of how the subject will be in reality after he or she responds to your affirmations (suggestions). In other words, see in your mind's eye your subject in precisely the condition you suggest, in responding to each suggestion. As you have learned, prana is regarded as a form...

A link to another world

What is your opinion about Past Life Therapy, where the problems of past lives are carried over into this one and affect todays ability I believe that in treating a problem, either hypnotically or thru subliminal messages to the sub-conscius, that all or most of the root causes should be treated and not just the manifested ailment . If any of these root causes come from the past life, or lives, believe they are very deep and have intensive effects on todays personality. (As an example, there could be 3-4 or even more reasons why an obese person overeats and these should all be treated, if possible, rather than simply sending a message to stop eating). What is your opinion This is called body scanning. Often in a demonstration in the audience I will have people who are sitting next to each other, hold up their hands hold up their palms about two inches apart. And generally some people will feel heat, some coolness, some a pressure. I don't think it's a manifestation of psychic ability,...

Docc Hilfords For One To

Begin speaking about subliminal programming. Go into great detail if at all possible, as this really sells what you are about to do. Speak about subliminal audio tapes, the fact that some stores use subliminal messages under the atmosphere music to get people not to steal from the store, sex on television ads, and so forth.

How do you Kill Negative Thoughts

Ironration started a thread which seems to have picked up on trying to overcome your negative thoughts with positive ones. I know this is something I've had a hard time with, especially when I first started out. Nothing's worse than repeating affirmations when in the back of your mind you're just thinking This is bullshit. You can check out the thread Affirmations backed by positive action destroy negative thoughts. I wrote an article on Cliff's List a while back on Inner Game issues that cover this topic. I'll see if I can find it and repost it here on the blog.

Magical Apparatus Pabular

What close-up magic needs these days is a bit more positive thinking. Especially is this true in the U.K. One group of negative thinkers, who a lot of us are getting tired of, are the Close-up will never be commercial in Britain brigade. These dismal jimmies sit round in corners at magical clubs, bewailing the fact that things are different in America and it will never be like that over here. When talking about restaurant work, they trot out the tired old cliche, If they're not busy they can't afford you and if they are busy they don't need you No doubt this was quite amusing, when it was first said, but I am sure that it was never meant to be taken seriously. True, things are different in the U.S. but only because the magicians over there have made it that way. It did not just happen on its own. It happened because enough people wanted it to happen, badly enough to get up on their feet and do something about it.

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality

For the more secure woman, she may simply offer one of her fantasies. If it is something that is physically possible to act out, do so. If not, whisper the fantasy back into her ear while you masturbate her. One woman, who was the conservative librarian type, told me after we had been dating a couple weeks that she had a dream that she was sitting at her desk at work with many people around and that I was whispering into her ear and then fondling her and then licking her and she actually came in her dream. That dream revealed a lot about her. She has to keep a very proper image, but at the same time she is a very sexual person. Challenging the proper image was something very exciting for her. I rewarded her correct behavior by affirming her dream, telling her that it was very exciting for me, and then I demonstrated my affections for her. Then I whispered the fantasy back into her ear and I started masturbating her. She found it to be very exciting and she came very hard. This made...

Second Maya Experiments

These tests produce a mental control of the muscles, and advances up the scale of psychic influence. I will give you a number of such experiments. In all of these tests remember always to hold the visualized thought represented by the suggestive words you are hurling at the subject via the visualization, projection, and affirmation method of the Yogis.

The Magic of Words and Sound

Throughout all history, the spoken word has held a prominent place in ceremonies of magic. The masses interpret such as being in the nature of charms and incantations possessing magical power in themselves, but the inner magical teaching shows their true power to be mainly psychological in nature. Affirmations in magic affirm the power of the spoken word, and have been used by mystics for ages. It is a complicated subject, yet an important one to the magician, so I asked Sadhu Parimal Bandu to explain the matter in relation to the magic of India. These are the Avatar's comments

The Change Personal History Pattern

This pattern offers a way to recode the past in such a way that it no longer serves as a reference for destructive feelings or for defining self in negative ways. It recodes memories as resources and learnings, and becomes an enhancing orientation for moving into the future with a positive attitude. The process finds a problem memory, traces it to its source, re frames it with resources and then brings that resource state up to the present and into the future.

First Maya Experiment

As you give these affirmations (suggestions), make passes with your hands drawing from each side of his head towards yourself, as if actually drawing him to you. Throw yourself into the drawing procedure. It increases the power of the suggestions. In a few moments, the subject will sway and fall forward, as you have willed that he should. Also, during the entire experiment visualize the subject as falling forward, and project the thought to him of his falling forward. In this first experiment in elementary Maya, you will note, you are manifesting the entire process of the oriental magicians the three phases of creative Yoga visualization, projection and affirmation. Transplant the actors to India, furnish the necessary costumes and native audience, and you would have here a typical exhibition of the elementary methods of the Hindu wonder workers.

Interlude 2 On keeping an open mind

The same applies to other facets of life. If I want to pursue a given goal, perhaps creative or business-related, should I assume from the start that I will never succeed and my efforts will be wasted Not at all. It is far better to retain an open-mind, to give it my best shot - with a positive attitude and the corresponding positive effort - and see where I get to.

Beginning To Run Your Own Brain For A Change The Myth Of The Shy Gene

So, up until now, how have you thought of yourself Were you shy Were you tentative That's how some people label themselves, which brings me to the myth of that's just the way I am. What a loaded phrase. Are you confident Are you shy Are you tentative They say, That's just the way I am. They need to stop saying that. It's as if they are chanting a negatively reinforcing mantra. The real secret is that it's a dirty rotten broken affirmation that keeps people stuck. The affirmation every day and every way I'm getting better and better is a famous affirmation by Emile Coue, an early-self help pioneer. I'm shy because that's the way I am, will work as an affirmation also if people repeat it. If others repeat this phrase, append to their statement, They are shy because that's just the way they are according to them . That myth is the worst myth ever passed on from dis-empowered people to other dis-empowered people.


Well that basically is all there is to Navel-Healing as the rest is just down to presentation on your part. Present Navel-Healing with NO DOUBTS in your mind that it will work and then this positive attitude will be sensed by your volunteers. When your volunteers sense this confident attitude within you that Navel-Healing will be beneficial to them then they will start to be even more positive about it working and so the magic of Positive Thinking comes into play. And need I remind you of the countless books published and medical studies done on Positive thinking which have proved beyond doubt that positive thinking can often lead to CURES in and of itself. So with the combination of Positive Thinking, Self-Belief of the patient, The placebo Effect, Self-Hypnosis and Psychic Mumbo Jumbo all combined into one treatment method, Navel-Healing is very powerful indeed.

Nonverbal World

Usage We reside in a world of words, but still make many of our most important decisions about life and living as if we had never left Nonverbal World 1. We do not need words, e.g., to define a kiss, decode an Armani suit, or decipher new car smell these depend on ancient signals from the wordless past. 2. Even technical knowledge is transmitted through nonverbal apprenticeships, in which we watch and do rather than read a manual. 3. We choose our vehicles, homes, and mates, e.g., on nonverbal grounds, and select wardrobes based on clothing's look and feel. 4. Many scientists (the most notable being Albert Einstein) think in visual, spatial, and physical images rather than in mathematical terms and words. (N.B. That the theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, used an arboreal term to picture the cosmos i.e., affirming that the universe could have different branches, is a tribute to his very visual primate brain.)


The use of different approaches to cold reading call for or permit the use of different strategies. The twenty question through affirmations will not work for everyone, or in every situation. However, where the reading starts off in a very general fashion, and hones down to deal with specifics, it is a very strong technique. It can create a tremendous sense of involvement or closeness, a type of intimacy. It bears an acknowledged similarity to the procedures of Milton Erickson, the noted-hypnotist in creating a mental set. Perhaps the key to successful utilization of the indirect 20 questions routine in modem application is discretion. In the days of Nelson, the push for affirmations was advocated. It is still relevant where an audience is watching, as long as you are getting yes responses. However, with increasing sophistication of audiences, a few negative responses make it clear that you are fishing. It is obvious from watching many performers and readers that the ego involvement...

Kicked and Banned

Apparently, Ross found my blog and didn't like what I had to say about his list or my take on affirmations, so he gave me 24 hours to unsubscribe. However, I was at my grandparent's all weekend and didn't get the message untill today, so I also found a very terse e-mail from Ross

Almost Famous

Slyly encoded beneath the 1's and 0's of the DVD version of this new release from L&L Publishing is a subtle subliminal message David Regal is the man. At least, that's the message that I got. David Regal writes for television and is the author of the recently released magic book Close-up and Personal. The majority of the material on these three DVDs comes from that book and from Star Quality, written by Harry Lorayne. The emphasis is on card magic, although there are a number of tricks that use miscellaneous props.

Tilting Ship

Secret Affirmation Magic

David was giving a lecture on the Nif.uw Amsterdam cruise ship and nearly five hundred people had gathered to listen. He had already mystified them with his cabaret show the previous evening and now he was giving a lecture on Personal & Mind Development that included positive thinking. The lecture was almost finished and David was reiterating The mind really is an incredible thing. positive thinking but finished, as usual, with a lighter tongue-in-cheek item that, on this occasion, paved the way for the stunt. The passengers concentrated as David suggested, expecting little to happen but hoping for more. What the audience didn't know was that among them was a woman who had been briefed to scream on cue and outside the door were two members of the crew prepared to smash some old crockery and rush in apparently panic stricken.

Coins Of The Mind

Showing these pictures to the spectator, one by one, the spectator is asked to describe what he sees. Regardless of the spectator's responses, the performer announces that each picture contains subtle subliminal messages, invisible to the conscious mind, yet very meaningful to the unconscious.

Using the Cards

Instead, I suggest you use each of the images as a way of introducing themes pertaining to the mind, perception, mind magic or positive thinking and mind motivation. It only takes a little imagination, and some presentational experience, to exploit the illusions in this manner. You will have your own preferred themes, and hence your own preferred way of exploiting the cards. The crucial point is to give each illusion a context, and to use it as an introduction (a prelude) to something your audience can relate to. I'm going to give you some examples based on my own work, and the kinds of subjects that I like to talk about when I'm performing. Adjust them to suit yourself. I then take my hand away, and slowly rotate the card 180 degrees so that people can see how distorted the image appears. Turning the card very slowly is important, because it gives the spectator a nice 'surprise' moment as the recognised' face becomes the 'hideous' face. I then give this a 'positive thinking' spin,...

Ovation p0sitk5n

Iam really thin skinned I need lot* of affirmation and I never seem to get enough. This must be a weakness, but my feelings if easily hurt, Do you know what You have hurt my feelings. 77 r applause was so modest. lm used to ovations. Here some people may s tan to clap politely. The performer holds up his hand to stop this applause.

The Elroy Pattern

One could conclude from this book that a woman has four basic needs that must be met 1) affirmation, 2) sharing, 3) to feel like a woman, and 4) exciting sex. 1) Affirmation, in that she needs to feel appreciated and respected for the individual that she is. She needs to know that she is supported in her endeavors. 2) Sharing, in that she has the need to share her feelings with her man and to receive the sharing from her man. She needs to be able to communicate emotionally with her man and to feel that emotional connection. 3) Feel like a woman, in that she needs to feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine. She needs to enjoy all that comes with being a woman. 4) Exciting Sex, in that she needs to be seduced, excited, and satisfied, over and over again. She needs to experience new things, in new ways, including fantasies and roles.

Projection In Yama

The visualization once obtained in the proper form and degree, and the affirmations made in the same way (as you will be instructed below), the ideal-picture or thought-form should be projected by two acts. First an act of will, spreading it out so that it will permeate the entire brain and also sending it down so that it will permeate every muscle in the body. This is important, as there is a close relationship between physical actions and mental states in self-development. In this way, both brain and muscles are influenced and


All of the above assumes a mentally healthy woman with a good sense of deservedness. It is true that there are mentally screwed up women with a bad sense of deservedness, and practicing the above is more of an affirmation to her for what she believes she deserves as a person, rather than a healthy expression of her sexuality. (Very big difference.)


Luckily, in a live performance the subjects will be before your very eyes and they will usually react to your affirmations , non-verbally first. With just a bit of observation on your part, you will be able to discern which ones of their non-verbal reactions will be the negative ones and thus, when noticing one of those reactions, you will be immediately in position to cover your mistake by adding something like that No It's not Hearts . As soon as I said Hearts you thought I was wrong and from your reaction. I knew I was wrong But there are a lot of other ways to play your fishing well. defusing their negative answer by saying them that you actually meant something else, the one-beat pause during your pumping, etc. The reason I called the above example a streamlined one is because that example was just written to provide you with the basic mechanics. In actual performance, at no time you will ask questions (you will rather state a sort of questioning affirmations ) and, as eloquently...

Thought Contro

I've glanced at the face card of the pack, so I know what the card is. In the act of performing the Spread Force, Sue is left with the impression of the force card, although she isn't really aware that she has a particular card on her mind. It's almost a subliminal perception.

Head Gestures

This book would not be complete without a discussion of the basic head movements, the two most widely used being the head nod and the head shake. The head nod is a positive gesture used in most cultures to signify, 'Yes', or affirmation. Research conducted with people who have been deaf, dumb and blind from birth shows that they also use this gesture to signify the affirmative, which has given rise to the theory that this may be an inborn gesture. The headshake, usually meaning 'No', is also claimed by some to be an inborn action however, others have theorised that it is the first gesture a human being learns. They believe that when the newborn baby has had enough milk, he shakes his head from side to side to reject his mother's breast. Similarly, the young child who has had enough to eat uses the head shake to reject his parent's attempt to spoonfeed him.

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